Information Security & Privacy (15-421/08-731/08-761/45-885/45-985) – Every Fall semester since 2005

Current Topics in Privacy Seminar (Fall 2013)

Mobile & IoT Computing Services (08-781/08-766/45-887/45-987) – Every Spring since 2001

Current Topics in Privacy Seminar (since Spring 2014)

Mobile Commerce (learning-by-doing module, only for students in the MSIT in eBusiness Program)

Capstone Projects, MBA Track in Technology Leadership (only for students in the MBA Track in Technology Leadership)


Capstone Projects MSIT in Privacy Engineering and MSIT in eBusiness

Earlier Courses
Fall: Web Commerce, Security and Privacy (15-421/08-731) – every Fall semester (2002-2011)

Fall: “Mobile Privacy Reading Group” (3 units) – Fall 2011

Spring: Adaptive Trading Technologies (08-782 – formerly 17-814)